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Institute of Holistic Therapies

Institute of Holistic Therapies was born from passion and compassion, and embraces all aspects of health, beauty, spa and complementary therapies in holism, in accordance with the laws of the divine nature.

The facilitator Corrine Brown, a spiritual lady certified and qualified in all the modalities offered, is committed to bringing balance, harmony & wellbeing from the heart centre into everyone's bodies.

Training instructions are delivered with dedication & love to cultivating healthy beginnings & relationships and promoting loving touch & communication through research, training, education and continued growth & development with practice through spiritual evolvement. Her plight for the Universal Greater Good in the form of a yearly pilgrimage is undertaken for spiritual evolvement.
A humble percentage of training fees is donated towards this plight. Pilgrimage

Professional Recognition And Accreditation

- Corrine Brown is an Approved Trainer with the AHHCA.
  Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association

- Corrine Brown is an ARC/AARP Referred Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.
  Australian Reiki Connection

- Corrine Brown is Ajara Skin Care's (USA) sole and exclusive certified Australian Trainer.
  Ajara Certified Trainer

- Institute of Holistic Therapies is an Approved Training Provider with International Institute for   Complementary Therapists (IICT) and Massage Association of Australia (MAA). Certification

- All of Institute of Holistic Therapies' Certificate and Diploma courses meet with approved
  standards and are accredited by IICT and MAA.

- All IHT Certificate courses earn CPE points for all levels of MAA Membership.
  Ayurveda Trainings
  Beauty Basics
  Holistic Healing
  Massage Therapies
  Spa Therapies

- CPE points earned for ARC Membership with completion of any Institute of Holistic Therapies'   common course units that enhance or are required for a Reiki Practice.

- IHT is a recognised Registered Training Organisation with Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers.

- Institute of Holistic Therapies' Certificates and Diplomas are accepted by Arthur Gallagher.

- IHT graduates can obtain membership with IICT and ARC; and insurance with Arthur Gallagher.
  List Corrine Brown of IHT as your referrer in the application forms when joining.

- On completion of Institute of Holistic Therapies' Diploma courses, graduates can obtain general   entry membership with MAA; and insurance with Arthur Gallagher Insurance. List Corrine Brown   of IHT as your referrer in the application forms when joining. Diploma Courses

- Your Institute of Holistic Therapies' diploma qualifies you to use these titles after your name:
  *Dip.ASpTh (Diploma of Ayurvedic Spa Therapies)
  *Dip.HLBTh (Diploma of Holistic Beauty)
  *Dip.HLMTh (Diploma of Holistic Massage)
  *Dip.HLSTh (Diploma of Holistic Sound Therapies)
  *Dip.HLTh (Diploma of Holistic Therapies)

IHT Trainings

Institute of Holistic Therapies is committed to mutually beneficial long term relationships.

- All IHT Certificate and Diploma courses are conducted by an approved and certified workplace   trainer and assessor with an impressive international reputation and many years of tutorial   experience. Having worked in the health, beauty and spa industries for 30 years, the qualified   facilitator brings the teaching and workplace expertise gained from all over the world to the   training, providing an holistic experience. Qualifications

- Personal one-on-one training conducted in a professional, nurturing, private and healing space in   Melbourne - Southbank, Victoria. Testimonials

- Training sessions are tailored to suit the trainee.

- Training dates are selected to suit both the trainee and trainer.

- Convenient location in Southbank, Victoria; with free permit parking and close to public transport.

IHT Treatments

Treatments of the modalities taught at Institute of Holistic Therapies are available by appointment.

Corrine Brown is also a certified Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner and Postpartum Professional offering Sound Bath Meditation And Sound Massage and Doula Support

Health fund rebates for Relaxation/Therapeutic, Remedial, Myotherapy and Reflexology treatments:
- Australian Unity
- Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG)
- BUPA - Members First
- Commonwealth Bank Health Scheme
- Grand United
- HCF/Manchester Unity
- Health Partners
- Medibank Private

IHT Electronic Gift Vouchers

An e-gift voucher is a convenient, simple and perfect present for your loved ones; as a reward or award for the outstanding employee. Simply purchase the training or treatment on behalf of the giftee and an e-voucher will be emailed to you for your personal presentation; or if you choose, we can email it directly to the giftee.

For all enquiries, please Contact Us


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