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Certificates and Diplomas

National & International Training Certification

- In order to provide and maintain the highest level of training delivery and learning, all IHT   Certificate and Diploma modalities are offered face-to-face personally.

- Institute of Holistic Therapies offers all training courses on a one-on-one basis in Southbank,   Melbourne, Victoria. Testimonials

- IHT certificate awarded upon successful completion.

- All IHT courses are a minimum of 20 hours which include pre-course reading, tuition &   assessment and post-course theory & practise. We aim for an average of 50 hours in any one   modality for a satisfactory basic proficiency.

- Models for practise and materials are provided during training at the Southbank location.

Professional Recognition And Accreditation

- Institute of Holistic Therapies is an Approved Training Provider with International Institute for   Complementary Therapists (IICT) and Massage Association of Australia (MAA). Certification

- All of Institute of Holistic Therapies' Certificate and Diploma courses meet with approved
  standards and are accredited by IICT and MAA.

- Corrine Brown is an Approved Trainer with the AHHCA.
  Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association

- Corrine Brown is an ARC/AARP Referred Practitioner and Reiki Teacher.
  Australian Reiki Connection Practitioner Directory

- All IHT Certificate courses earn CPE points for all levels of MAA Membership.
  Ayurveda Trainings
  Beauty Basics
  Holistic Healing
  Massage Therapies
  Spa Therapies

- CPE points earned for ARC Membership with completion of any Institute of Holistic Therapies'   common course units that enhance or are required for a Reiki Practice.

- IHT is a recognised Registered Training Organisation with Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers.

- Institute of Holistic Therapies' Certificates and Diplomas are accepted by Arthur Gallagher.

- IHT graduates can obtain membership with IICT and ARC; and insurance with Arthur Gallagher.
  List Corrine Brown of IHT as your referrer in the application forms when joining.

- On completion of Institute of Holistic Therapies' Diploma courses, graduates can obtain general   entry membership with MAA; and insurance with Arthur Gallagher Insurance. List Corrine Brown   of IHT as your referrer in the application forms when joining.

- Your Institute of Holistic Therapies' diploma qualifies you to use these titles after your name:
  *Dip.ASpTh (Diploma of Ayurvedic Spa Therapies)
  *Dip.HLBTh (Diploma of Holistic Beauty)
  *Dip.HLMTh (Diploma of Holistic Massage)
  *Dip.HLSTh (Diploma of Holistic Sound Therapies)
  *Dip.HLTh (Diploma of Holistic Therapies)

Diploma Courses