Diploma of Holistic Therapies

Learn a combination of interesting holistic healing treatments in this diploma course.

The Holistic Therapies Diploma course is unique and practical. Apart from having a strong theory base, modules offered within the diploma support the healing environment alongside spirituality.

- History, philosophy, concepts, basic fundamental principles and foundations
- Practical applications of Holistic Treatments

The Diploma is comprised of 18 Modules:

  Aura Healing
  Bach Flower Remedies
  Chakra Balancing
  Colour Therapy
  Crystal Healing - Basic and Advanced
  Mandala Art
  Manifesting Rituals
  Meridian Therapy
  Pendulum - Dowsing
  Reiki 1 & 2
  Space Cleansing
  Basic Counselling/First Aid - Core Subject
  Holistic Business Practice - Core Subject
  Case Studies - Core Subject

Total 500 hrs:
- One-on-one training hours include training days plus Core Subjects*
- Case study hours for each module - three clients at 2.5 hrs each client for three treatments
- A period of 3 months is required between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2
- A period of at least a month is required between Basic Crystal and Advanced Crystal Healing
- All IHT modules have to be undertaken in order to qualify for the IHT Diploma
- No pre-requisites required

How and why are Institute of Holistic Therapies' Diploma courses uniquely different:
- There are 18 modules and 16 physical training days in total for the Diploma of Holistic Therapies
- Certificates are given for the 14 practical modules
- Certificates not given for Basic Counselling/First Aid, Business Practice and Case Studies*
- You may choose a date that is convenient for both trainee and trainer
- There are no restrictions in terms of timing deadline to complete the diploma
- You may choose to do the modalities as and when it suits your availabilities and budget
- A diploma will be presented upon completion of all modalities
- Basic Counselling/First Aid, Holistic Business Practice and Case Studies are in PDFs via   correspondence, at your own pace and time. These can be attempted at any stage throughout   your lessons except for Case Studies - done at completion of all modules*
- It allows the student to study at their own pace, chosen dates as and when they are ready - there   are no penalties, or pressure to complete the diploma by a particular time frame but we do   encourage you not to allow too much time to pass in between modules, as well as completing the   entire diploma
- It combines physical hands-on training and practice as well as home-study correspondence-style
- Physical training sessions are conducted on a one-on-one basis in a private and nurturing space
- Life models (with real issues in a simulated environment) are organised for your practice which   makes the holistic healing modules tangible
- Modules are compounded as the lessons progress which makes for "refresher lessons" and   cements the information more solidly

Suggested modules delivery:
Basic Counselling/First Aid, Space Cleansing, Pendulum, Reiki 1, Colour Therapy, Aura Healing,
Basic Crystal Healing, Bach Flowers, Meditation, Mandala Art, Manifesting Rituals, Reiki 2, Advanced Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Meridian Therapy, Business Practice and Case Studies

Recognition of Prior Learning applies only to Core Subjects* except Case Studies
A 30% processing fee of the unit cost applies for this assessment pathway.
Reiki practitioners are required to do a 1 day Reiki Refresher.

Professional Recognition And Accreditation

- Institute of Holistic Therapies is an Approved Training Provider with International Institute for   Complementary Therapists (IICT) and Massage Association of Australia (MAA). Certification

- All of Institute of Holistic Therapies' Certificate and Diploma courses meet with approved
  standards and are accredited by IICT and MAA.

- Corrine Brown is an Approved Trainer with the AHHCA.
  Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association

- Corrine Brown is an ARC/AARP Referred Practitioner and Reiki Teacher.
  Australian Reiki Connection Practitioner Directory

- Corrine Brown is Ajara Skin Care's (USA) sole and exclusive certified Australian Trainer.
  Ajara Certified Trainer

- All IHT Certificate courses earn CPE points for all levels of MAA Membership.
  Ayurveda Trainings
  Beauty Basics
  Holistic Healing
  Massage Therapies
  Spa Therapies

- CPE points earned for ARC Membership with completion of any Institute of Holistic Therapies'   common course units that enhance or are required for a Reiki Practice.

- Institute of Holistic Therapies is a recognised Registered Training Organisation with Arthur J.   Gallagher Insurance Brokers.

- Institute of Holistic Therapies' Certificates and Diplomas are accepted by Arthur Gallagher.

- On completion, graduates can obtain membership with IICT and ARC; and insurance with Arthur   Gallagher. List Corrine Brown of IHT as your referrer in the application forms when joining.

- On completion of Institute of Holistic Therapies' Diploma courses, graduates can obtain general   entry membership with MAA; and insurance with Arthur J. Gallagher. List Corrine Brown of IHT as   your referrer in the application forms when joining.

- Your Institute of Holistic Therapies' diploma qualifies you to use these titles after your name:
  *Dip.ASpTh (Diploma of Ayurvedic Spa Therapies)
  *Dip.HLBTh (Diploma of Holistic Beauty)
  *Dip.HLMTh (Diploma of Holistic Massage)
  *Dip.HLSTh (Diploma of Holistic Sound Therapies)
  *Dip.HLTh (Diploma of Holistic Therapies)

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