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About Institute Of Holistic Therapies & Corrine Brown

Eight years in a managerial position in advertising, marketing, direct response and public relations, thirty five years in the health and beauty industry with thirty of those years as an International Examiner, the passionate birth of an Australian-registered salon, House of Aesthetics in 1992 and its re-birth in 2001 as a school, Institute of Holistic Therapies embraces all aspects of health, beauty, complementary and holistic therapies; two adult children, an incredible path and a memorable journey in the healing industry.

Q: What initially made you enter this industry?
A: My beautiful journey started when I wanted to learn how to look after my physical appearance better ie: skin, nails, makeup, diet, health etc. It really was purely for my own Self needs and wants. And so it all began in 1988. I've always been a people's person and I am interested in doing something where I can help myself as well as others. I've always wanted to teach, so I turned what I learned for myself into a teaching opportunity. The Health and Beauty Industry is an excellent career choice for those interested in working closely with people - on all levels.

Q: What did you do after your initial training?
A: I started out doing lots of individual beauty units and found I enjoyed it so much that I decided to consolidate all that I had learnt to Diploma level, which then naturally progressed eventually to international qualifications. I did work experience in beauty salons and makeup artistry for small stage, theatre and TV production houses as well as working from home.

Q: What did you go on to study from there?
From learning about the outer and how it is related to and affected by the inner, the natural course of learning continued into the complementary, holistic natural healing therapies such as Reiki, Colour Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing etc.

Q: What do you attribute your success to?
A: I guess my success is due to passion and the thirst of acquiring knowledge and sharing that information with all that I affect in my environment. I continue on my learning journey to this day, constantly upgrading my skills with the latest information and technology available. With all the various skills and knowledge acquired, we are better equipped to provide the necessary education and treatments required for the other person's healing and growth. I am a professional learner, and by that I mean I am always learning and growing as I have found that the more I learn, I realise there is so much more to learn.

Q: What else did you do in this journey?
A: With keen enthusiasm, I ventured into everything - working in and managing salons, doing Expos, participating in beauty & makeup exhibitions and competitions, performing demonstrations, providing talks, seminar workshops, product consulting and training, being actively involved in various associations, volunteering work for the Cancer Foundation and the Teenage Ward at Princess Margaret Hospital, working with teenagers from ages twelve to seventeen with various health problems and issues, healing work, meditation as well as teaching and examining globally.

Q: What are you especially passionate about?
A: I am passionate about everything especially about what I do and because of this, what I do I do not classify as work but rather a labour of passion and love. I am very focused on inner healing as it affects the outer and as I learn to heal myself, I am affecting and healing others.

Q: What would you say is important in terms of desired skills?
A: Good interpersonal and communication skills are high up on the list of desired skills and are integral in establishing good relationships.

Q: What would be your advice to newly trained graduates?
A: Be guided by your intuition, being true and believing in yourself and embracing every experience that is being presented with passion, enthusiasm and positivity will lead you to fulfilment and success. Create your own possibilities, as it is limitless. Focus on your aims and don't loose sight of your purpose.

Upgrading skills, acquiring knowledge and wisdom through life experiences are important for self-growth and development. Values on character development should be a conscious aim of the education - that includes the development of the learner's social and emotional competence. Every person, every object and every experience educates and this does not only take place in the school environment but it occurs in every setting that the learner is in. We learn throughout our lives and the knowledge acquired is only power when applied righteously.

"I wish you all love and light, happiness and fulfilment, good health and success.
Do the best you can and be the best you ever can. Enjoy!!" 
Corrine Brown


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