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"2 years ago in 2013, I undertook a 1 day moxibustion course and I knew I would be back. I recently commenced the Holistic Massage Diploma intensive training in Melbourne at the Institute of Holistic Therapies with Corrine. I really got 2 weeks of personal therapy with the benefit of learning how to pass this on to others. I will be back in 2016 for the next stage of 2 weeks' intensive training to complete the Diploma. Corrine's courses are professional, organised, thorough and have the benefit of being able to beautifully receive and to give. Every day, I was supported, nurtured and educated in the techniques of Holistic Massage such as Cupping/Gua Sha, Balinese Massage, Meridian Massage, Indian Head Massage, Bamboo Massage to name a few. I was given the knowledge on how to set the room up, what equipment I needed, where to get it, how to create ambience, how to welcome the client, support them through the massage and how to end the session with grounding and hydration. It was very important to me also to learn how to protect my own energy so I can maintain my spiritual self whilst helping others. Also, all through the training sessions, photographs were taken to give me the visuals that I need to remind myself. I highly recommend Corrine to anyone with an interest in helping others through their hearts and hands. Corrine is a very beautiful teacher and I am so grateful to have shared her space! Corrine is beautiful both inside and out!" - Kris Lipp, Registered Nurse/Kinesiologist, Toowoomba QLD www.gentlebalance.com.au/

"I recently completed the Diploma of Holistic Reflexology with the Corrine at the Institute of Holistic Therapies. I loved every one of my training days at Corrine's beautiful space. I feel so blessed to have experienced one-on-one training where each modality had a balanced mix of theory and practical application. Corrine guided me through the diploma suggesting which order to complete the modalities. Once I had my confidence in Body Massage - the foundation modality, I was able to then concentrate on learning Reflexology and the healing components of each modality, building my knowledge as each training session progresses. Corrine guided me in combining various modalities within the one holistic treatment session, which was a turning point for me, in what I was then able to offer to clients. It was great that Corrine also suggested I add a few other complementary modalities that were outside of the diploma, to expand my repertoire even more. The Case Studies that I completed after my practical training days were vital to my growth and knowledge as a therapist. Corrine is the most loving and devoted teacher, mentor and friend, and I will be forever grateful for the time I spent training with her." - Aimee Semmens, Certified Practicing Accountant, Reflexologist & Energy Healer. Bendigo, Victoria www.spiritualelixir.com.au

“When I first contacted Corrine to enquire about Holistic Beauty education, I was looking for online training options. Corrine was so gracious in explaining that she didn't offer online education because it wouldn't compare to the in-depth skills and understanding gained from face-to-face training. I found her response refreshing and honourable in a technology saturated world. Lucky for me, the way Corrine structures her trainings meant that I could build on my beauty experience face-to-face on dates that also worked with my family commitments. After my first trip to Melbourne to complete the Facial Therapy four day training, I understood what Corrine meant by the value of face-to face Holistic Beauty education. I learnt more than I could have imagined during these intensive four days. The Facial Therapy training catalysed my confidence to the point where I felt ready to step into my vision of becoming an Ayurvedic Beauty Advisor and launching my business. Corrine is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the work she teaches. I've found her teachings to be thorough, in-depth and digestible. I continue to learn from Corrine to evolve my skills and knowledge in the field of Holistic Beauty and feel immense gratitude for her wisdom, generosity and support.” - Sophie, Founder of Aaoka www.aaokabeauty.com

"It started with a snail mail and ended with a beautiful friendship. It was just a knowing that I had to do this Diploma of Holistic Therapies with Corrine, so I stopped at nothing to do so. At the beginning of the course, I would overthink absolutely everything, question whether anything I did was right and was full of self doubt and fear. Corrine guided me to simply trust myself, have pure intentions and to follow and listen to my intuition. After finishing the diploma, I now run my own holistic business and I could not have done it without Corrine's help along the way. Corrine has such a beautiful energy, she is so down to earth, super fun and she has so much patience. I could not recommend learning with Corrine highly enough, I recommend her to anyone wanting to go into the same field as myself. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed." - Chloe Wills, Intuitive Energy Healer, Chelsea/Mornington, Victoria www.universalbloom.com.au

"Rarely does one encounter in their life, a person who truly makes a difference to one's life. Corrine Brown is that person to me and since our first meeting my whole world has changed for the better, in such a miraculous way, and continues to do so. I first met Corrine with a dream to explore Ayurveda as a vocation so I could help others discover this ancient wisdom, as it has profoundly helped me to heal and restore balance to my own life. I enrolled in her Shirodhara and Indian Head Massage courses in June 2011. Our first meeting, not knowing what to expect, saw me instantly trusting this gentle, intelligent and compassionate woman, and within a few minutes into our training I knew that the Universe had orchestrated that student and teacher be reunited, I found my mentor. Corrine's knowledge, professionalism and on-going support are nothing short of outstanding, to such an extent that within a few months after our training I now have a strong client base and the confidence to give up my office job to open my own Ayurvedic rejuvenation centre in the Macedon Ranges. Knowledge could certainly be gained from books, but it is no match for having knowledge directly transmitted by a gifted teacher to student - this is what makes the Institute of Holistic Therapies so unique. It is impossible to describe the depth and breadth of Corrine's knowledge and experience in the healing arts. I have been her student for many years now, and will continue to be so, as Corrine brings knowledge alive within you. Corrine, I figure I will be your student for the rest of my life! How lucky am I. Having completed the IHT Diploma of Ayurvedic Spa Therapies, I am now on my journey with the IHT Diploma of Holistic Therapies, amongst other IHT modalities. Corrine has opened my mind and my heart, as a result I am now living my dream having created Maiaveda Holistic Day Spa. Corrine radiates positivity, a generous spirit and warm healing energy. To know Corrine, is to know boundless love. Eternally grateful." - Marye O'Brien, Ayurvedic Therapies/Holistic Health Practitioner, Macedon Ranges, Victoria www.maiaveda.com.au

"I have known and studied with Corrine for more than 10 years now and she has been the most amazing support and friend. I started the Holistic Therapies Diploma with Reiki in 2009 and have completed many more courses since. Her guidance and love throughout this time have been above and beyond what I would expect from any teacher; and her encouragement and honesty have guided me on my soul's path. Corrine’s knowledge and trainings provide an amazing environment - to learn and explore about myself and others in my life. She is filled with unconditional love, and is very honest in her teachings which helped me be the person I am today. I laughed and cried in my courses and I always feel I am in a safe place with Corrine. My mind has been opened to be creative in my therapies and make each of my clients feel as special as Corrine has made me feel when she teaches. Corrine’s love and passion for what she does has taught me to be the best I can be in my work as a therapist. Corrine's friendship is something that I will treasure forever. She is a beautiful light." - Lisa Morrison, Mobile Holistic Complementary & Massage Therapist for 2 and 4-legged souls, Melbourne www.earthhealingtherapies.com.au

"I had been considering doing some Holistic Healing training for a while and had looked at several different options and courses online. I came across IHT and after reading through what was on offer, decided to enrol in their Holistic Therapies Diploma course. I am so glad I did. Corrine is a warm loving soul, who shares her experience and wisdom generously. Corrine has vast and diverse professional expertise and I recommend her with all my heart." - Jo Vautier, Holistic Healer & Complementary Therapist, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria www.healingspace.com.au

"I am a Yogini and a Certified Yoga Teacher, who over the years, have developed and maintained a personal holistic practice. It is this practise, and wanting to know more so that I can help others, which led me to be a qualified Complementary/Holistic Therapist. Studying and training with Corrine has not only taught me about the modules in the Holistic Therapies Diploma curriculum, but more importantly, how to allow myself the 'freedom of authenticity' in my work. Complementary and holistic practises allow me to bring an expanded consciousness of loving, living, and healing to everyday activities, starting from the inside out. A rainbow of practises developed to help make 'the journey'. I am so grateful to have found and trained with Corrine. She is an absolute inspiration and a guru whom I know I can turn to for guidance and support, which in this world, is a rare find. I have been able to combine the modules learnt with Corrine into my yoga classes so that students can not only learn to be responsive to their own feelings, but to observe emotional states as well. These combined practises have given me the opportunity to be creative in delivering classes which are mind-body experiences for the individuals who choose to accept. Even though there were certain modalities, such as meditation, which I had learnt about in prior learnings at various institutions, I obtained tips from Corrine to apply various meditation techniques in various settings, which added to my repertoire of offerings. Corrine's endless affection, acceptance and love has motivated me to show and express those qualities to the world around me - truly a gift which I will treasure forever." - Arianna Pienaar, Yoga & Barre Instructor/Holistic & Complementary Therapist, Sydney, NSW www.ariannapienaar.com

"I have been studying the Diploma of Holistic Therapies with Corrine. Her heart-felt guidance and loving, quality-filled lessons are some of the best things I have ever experienced in my life. She possesses a beautiful balance of sensitivity, practicality, and skill, and she brings all of her training and life experience into her classes. Her lessons are packed with hands-on practice, analogies, open question time, and valuable theory. She is someone who has impeccable time management and organisational skills. Corrine goes above and beyond the descriptions and outlines on her website - she genuinely cares for her students. I have never met a teacher and guide who so willingly gives of their time and energy. Corrine will ensure that you understand all the techniques and therapeutic mechanisms behind what you are learning. The Institute of Holistic Therapies is a well-equipped, safe training space (emotionally, spiritually, and physically) for the students, as well as the models that come in to help in the training sessions. Corrine's open attitude and worldly knowledge come together to create an environment that is conducive to learning and exploration. Corrine has very high standards, and she encourages all her students to think for themselves, and develop their own philosophies and ideas when it comes to healing and learning. She possesses an undeniable inner strength. To train with Corrine is really not just about obtaining the techniques, or receiving a qualification - to train with her, is to have your mind opened to new ways of seeing yourself, and seeing the world. What a blessing it is, to be able to share in the wisdom she has accumulated on her life journey." - Anita H, Holistic Intuitive Therapist/Teacher/Writer and Reiki Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

"Studying the Holistic Therapies Diploma with Corrine from The Institute of Holistic Therapies has been a life changing experience for me. I benefited from the one-on-one learning setup as it allowed the units to progress at my pace and according to my knowledge and abilities. I especially valued the opportunity to apply the learning with models that Corrine brings in, in order to cement the learning and refine the techniques. I enjoyed the learning so much that one unit led to another and then another. As an added bonus I found that in the process of learning, I also began to grow personally. Corrine is a wonderful person and a great teacher. I highly recommend her well designed and beautifully delivered courses." - Diana Johnson, Holistic Complementary Therapist & Occupational Therapist, Perth, Western Australia

"I have recently finished (2013) the practical component of Corrine's Diploma of Holistic Therapies and while I am excited about finishing, I am also saddened by the fact that I won't get to see Corrine weekly anymore. Corrine is an angel on earth and her gift to us all is her teaching. Not only is she full of knowledge and experience, she is a warm and caring mentor who truly wants her students to succeed. She sets a very high professional standard with her training and then gently guides the student to achieve the greatest of results, which is an absolute win for anyone who then receives these treatments. I can personally attest to this as the feedback I receive from clients is positive beyond words. I would thoroughly recommend Corrine to anyone wanting to begin a career in Complementary Therapies. With this training you can be safe in the knowledge that your clients will be 100% satisfied with the treatment and so will you because you will be confident in your ability to assist them in their healing process. I am such a fan of the Institute of Holistic Therapies that I am slowly continuing my studies with Corrine. Most recently I completed Indian Head Massage and I will continue to work my way through the other modalities because I know that Corrine's method and treatments are like no other I have found. I want to be the best practitioner I can be and without a doubt Corrine brings that out of me with her big heart and gentle instruction. I am her student for life! I am slightly disappointed in what I write here because words just cannot express my awe and gratitude." - Mandie Combe, Holistic Complementary Therapist/Actor, Melbourne

"I own and run two specialist studio businesses and believe all of this could not have been possible if not for all the support and help I received from my tutor Mrs Corrine Brown. When I began my training with Corrine, I was amazed at the amount of dedication, time and effort she gave, a lot of this from the heart. Anyone who has the opportunity to train with Corrine would be one of the luckiest students and would be privileged indeed. Even though I am no longer her student, she still has the time to offer me advice 24 hours. Once again I cannot tell you all how much I believe Corrine has helped make me the success I am today." - Perth's very own Eyebrow King (as quoted by The West Australian Newspaper) Matthew Nguyen, Former Student Diploma of Applied Science/Beauty Therapy and Entrepreneur Matt-Yuko Claremont, WA www.mattyuko.com.au

"I feel very fortunate to have spent this time with Corrine and have greatly enjoyed the Ayurveda body work. As a long time Herbalist and natural therapist it is wonderful to utilize the herbalized oils topically for internal effect which really supports how I work for internal medicine with each person. Corrine is a kind and generous person with her information and demonstrating the techniques and is very patient! Corrine is also a gifted healer and I was so pleased to receive some of her healing touch. I have no hesitation recommending Corrine for her teaching of Ayurveda Massage and as an Ayuveda Massage practitioner." - Wendy Dumaresq, Dip Med Herb, Ad C NFM, Bowen Treatment, Ayurveda Massage, NSW www.radiant-women.com/about-us/

"Corrine is a Reiki Master Teacher who has an abundance of loving spirit. Apart from the wealth of knowledge she has under her belt, she also shares her knowledge very competently. She is a caring, responsible, supportive and trustworthy Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki has helped us to pave the road to a true connection with ourselves and each other. Thank you very much Corrine, for showing us Reiki love and light!" - Andrew & Lilian Tansing, Reiki Master Practitioners, Adelaide, South Australia www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/connect/facebodytherapy/service/26883

"Since arriving in Melbourne, I have completed over 7 courses with Corrine. She has been a true mentor and has offered nothing but love and support, through the good times and the bad. She is a wonderful facilitator, knowledgeable teacher and mentor. Her courses are in-depth, authentic and the perfect balance of holistic and tangible information which are delivered in a practical and supportive way. Corrine's guidance and support has helped me find my feet in Melbourne and create a flourishing holistic healing business. I will continue to study with Corrine and Institute of Holistic Therapies for as long as she offers them. Thank you for you; for your unfaltering love and support Corrine! Love you xxx" - Poppy S. Ridley, Holistic Proprietor, London

"Thank you so so so much for making this trip all the way to Perth and sharing all your wisdom, knowledge, years of experience and expertise with us on a Sunday! We are so blessed and privileged to have had you in WA! Thank you for that precious gift and unforgettable experience. I moved to Australia 10 years ago with the expectation that I would be able to gain more knowledge and training in regards to my remedial massage therapy practice with different complementary approaches especially in Thai & Ayurvedic; so your workshop has been in my mind and one of my highest interest for a long long time. My next step would definitely be to organise some more trainings with you and I am keen to travel interstate if I need to as my experience with you this weekend just reinforced and reignited my desire towards that direction and influence as a practitioner! Your passion, devotion and attention to each and every detail, the way you move, teach during your demos and share your knowledge including the way you interact with us with that subtle touch of letting us experiment and empower us to become the best practitioner is quite impressive and highly appreciated!! I found this workshop extremely well balanced between theory and practice, on top of presenting the essential essence of the different historical backgrounds and cultures that influence this beautiful art of healing! Fascinating! I could have listened to you for hours!!! You’ve been able to synthesize so much content in such a short period of time in a way that I feel so much more equipped and confident to offer this modality and am already in a position to implement some elements into my practice even if I am aware that I will gain from more practice and further trainings in the near future. You can count on me; I will pass the word on. It was a real pleasure meeting you Corrine and I am already looking forward to my next training with you!" - Daniele Chagnon, M.A, B.Éd. (participant in the Reflexology Association of Australia Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Perth workshop)

"Corrine's wealth of knowledge and love for her profession makes her an exceptional teacher and instructor (she's also a great chef). She is the most giving, caring and loving person I know. I feel very privileged to have met, known and become great life long friends with Corrine. She is an inspiration and I owe a great debt to her for becoming the person I am today" - Nguyet Ai Phan, Former Beauty Therapy Student, Holistic Facialist, Melbourne, Victoria

"Energies and people are designed to meet at certain times in a person's life and for anyone who has met Corrine, they will all agree with me that the timing just seems to be appropriate when connecting with this beautiful lady. My belief is that Corrine has been put here to educate us and to guide us on our journey, something you could never ever receive from a typical classroom environment. What Corrine teaches is above and beyond what you ever will expect, she will teach you about YOU, she will teach you to listen to yourself and to feel, something WE as therapists can then pass on to our clients. Corrine has changed my world in so many ways, she has educated me in modalities such as Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Waxing, but outside of that, she has directed me on to a path I always wanted to be on. Corrine has taught me to "go with the flow" and to have a little faith in myself and for that she will always have my total respect and gratitude. Without Corrine's passion, without Corrine's guidance, I wouldn't be living the dream I always wanted to live and running a successful business from home. Corrine's training style is unique, she ensures there is full understanding before you take the next step in training, if it takes longer for you to comprehend, she has the patience to keep teaching until you understand. Corrine extends her services far beyond the modalities she teaches, it is personal for her and I'm grateful she has shared her knowledge, wisdom and her love of what she believes in with myself and others. I look forward to my next journey with Corrine which is completing my Diploma of Holistic Massage, what this lady teaches is something special, it will change you, she will change you, she will inspire you to change. Corrine, you know how thankful I am of you, words don't express it enough." - Amy Borowik, Accountant & Proprietor, Mornington, Victoria

"I first met Corrine when we trained together to become practitioners of Sound Massage. I was struck by her gentle yet extremely powerful approach to working with the modality. She worked with such depth, love, openness and humility and never once let anyone in the course know just how accomplished she is in so many modalities, or even that she runs her own institute. We developed a strong connection during the course, and in conversation towards the end of it I mentioned to her that I was very keen to train in Reiki and I had been looking for my Reiki teacher for some years, but had been waiting for the right person to appear. When she told me that she teaches it, and invited me to come and train with her I knew that I had found my teacher. My training with Corrine has been wonderful and life changing. The personal training allows for real depth and individualisation, and the ongoing support has been so valuable and deeply appreciated. When you work with Corrine as your mentor, you are never alone in walking such a powerful path. Everything she teaches draws upon her great depth of years of experience as a practitioner. She is continually searching for more knowledge and is eternally curious - in my opinion one of the greatest qualities one could find in a teacher. She approached all our training with great skill, experience, care, nurture and compassion. I learnt more than I could have imagined, and continue to do so. Thank you Corrine." - Anita Dana Hustas, Musician/Sound Healer/Reiki Master, Melbourne

"I found Corrine's website online and contacted her for some information regarding a waxing course. After receiving her efficient, professional reply to my enquiries, along with her friendly manner, I enrolled. Corrine is an outstanding teacher, thoroughly covering all there is to know in both theory and practical. After completing my courses I left feeling completely satisfied and confident in what I had learnt - so much so that I have now set up my own business! But I believe that I got so much more out of it than just waxing alone. Corrine truly is an amazing, motivational human being! She is kind, genuine, welcoming and compassionate, not to mention fun! I am so happy that I chose The Institute of Holistic Therapies to complete my course and I am so grateful to have found such a friend in Corrine." - Tanya Black, Waxing Specialist, Mildura, Country Victoria

"To The Beautiful Corrine. Thank you for opening up my world! Your TCM Moxibustion course was amazing and I learnt much more than I expected. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge, passion and love of this amazing modality. Your teaching methods were gentle and nurturing and the course allowed ample time for developing our practical skills. I absolutely loved my time in Melbourne and thank you so much for your follow up and continued support on our return to Queensland. I cannot wait to return and learn more from you - you are not only a truly gifted instructor but a beautiful soul." - Amy Manz, Registered Kinesiologist, Highfields QLD

"Hello Corrine, that day was the highlight of my trip away! I was so stoked to be coming home with all the equipment, so I could start practising straight away. I've been in the city for 5 days and I came home feeling really calm and rested.....that was from the shirodhara on Wednesday and I still feel really relaxed nearly a week later. I love Melbourne and will come again and learn some more from you. About the training, I have always had a bit of confusion getting my head around the Ayurvedic principles, but the way that you explained the body types was so simple and easy to understand, I came away with so much knowledge. The one-on-one training is always the best and my preferred way to learn. It's 100% attention to the learner and that shows in the skill level that I came away with. I am quite confident to do the treatment now, today, without the need for more practice. That says a lot about the training and you as a teacher and I am so very happy with what I have come away with. I have come away from other trainings not feeling confident until I had done 10 or 20 practices. I knew 5 years ago when I made my original enquiry with you, that one day I would be sitting in front of you learning something special. Your website is really good, you update it and it is prevalent (it pops up constantly when I google "training massage"). Your initial contact is really warm and friendly, and the follow-up with information about everything from accommodation, transfers, lunch options to equipment etc is fantastic, and believe me, not everyone has the attention to detail that you do. You have so much experience and train in so many modalities, it is a credit to you and your dedication to training and to this industry as a whole. Truly, I couldn't have asked for anything more, it is an accolade to you, my friend. I will keep in touch and I will be back. Thank you, thank you and thank you!" - Louise Donald, Proprietor, Norfolk Island

"I have known Corrine since 2006 and have taken Reiki 1, 2 and 3A with her. Corrine provides her best to her students, not only in class but also outside of it. I have truly enjoyed all the classes conducted by Corrine and have learnt much about the human energy system and healing effects of Reiki from her. Besides playing the role of a teacher, she has been a mentor for me in many ways. I have received much emotional support and words of wisdom from her via our email correspondences. Since beginning my Reiki training with Corrine, I have and am still growing towards my own sense of self-empowerment and Corrine has been there every step of the way. For that, I am eternally grateful. Now I am truly fortunate to have completed my Reiki Master Teacher's course (3B) with Corrine in Feb 2009. The 5-day course held in Melbourne was insightful and fulfilling as having a one-to-one session with Corrine provided me with an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and the necessary skills to conduct my own Reiki class in the future. Corrine's personalized style of instruction, where she lovingly prepares her own course materials and shares from her wealth of experience is detailed and comprehensive. Her method of instruction empowers one to embark on their own journey towards self-mastership. I am certain that any one who has experienced her personalized form of instruction will beg for more - right down to the sumptuous meals she prepares as part of the course. More importantly, undergoing the teacher's course under Corrine has given me the confidence and the ability to conduct my own classes and prepare my own teaching materials. I am grateful for her mentorship and for her presence in my life." - Patrick Ong, Reiki Master Teacher, Singapore

"Corrine Brown's expertise and worldly knowledge gave me the confidence to open up and let myself be guided by a truly inspirational soul. I attended a short course in TCM Cupping and Gua Sha, and I was automatically impressed by the level of professionalism and attention to detail. Although it was a one day course, I obtained knowledge and confidence I never expected. Corrine tailors your training to your own capabilities, never making you feel as if you cannot achieve anything. For anyone who is thinking about taking the holistic path to healing and well being, I give 5 stars to The Institute of Holistic Therapies. Thank you Corrine." - Carl Paul Cilia, Director V & J Menswear, Melbourne, Victoria www.vandj.com.au

"I did Reiki 1 & 2 with Corrine Brown in KL, Malaysia in 2004. For a while now I have not been practising and was lost and misguided. I felt the need to contact her again as I completely trust her. Making the trip to Melbourne in August 2011 doing Colour Healing, Space Cleansing, Pendulum Dowsing, Reiki 3A, Magnified Healing and Basic Crystal Healing was the best decision and gift I gave myself. The trip turned out to be the start of my inner spiritual journey. Corrine guides me with immense patience. She is a great chef, cooking with her most important ingredient - unconditional love. Corrine has the highest integrity and teaches with spiritual discipline and the purest intentions for the highest good of all. I rejoice in every moment of my renewed life. I am at peace and feel so connected with my inner self. What an amazing and soul searching trip it turned out to be!! It was life-changing as the lessons taught and learnt were beyond any expectations. Corrine gives everything from her life experiences in her trainings and tailors them to suit my specific needs and skills. As I have enrolled in so many courses, she demonstrated how I could integrate them. Each of them can be done on their own yet combined beautifully enhancing and complementing each other. This gives me so many options to offer the receiver. I am now planning my next trip to do more healing therapies with Corrine ie: Advanced Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Ear Candling to name a few. I will train and re-train only with Corrine as I trust only her. She is genuinely interested in me as a pure soul and is committed to assisting me with inspiration to aspire and explore my highest potential. I am so blessed to be guided and under her tutelage. I most definitely recommend Corrine Brown and Institute of Holistic Therapies. Anyone who has trained with her will understand the unconditional love and support Corrine readily provides; and together the more love and light we are able to shine to everyone." - Carine Gan, Beauty Tutor/Therapist, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Reiki found me or was it Corrine?.......I had been looking for a Reiki teacher for several months. When I reached Melbourne, I discovered the Institute for Holistic Therapies. Something in my heart just knew...this is it! I called up right away and hearing Corrine's voice, just confirmed my intuition! Corrine has such a giving heart and loving soul. It was almost as if I had met her in a previous life. My classes of Reiki 1 & 2 and Colour Therapy have been the best classes I have ever had. Not only is Corrine extremely patient, but she listens and understands the emotional turmoils that might happen through Reiki. I have made it a vow to solely study Reiki with the Institute of Holistic Therapies. Corrine is like a rare gem. Once you find one, you do not let go of it that easily. Her classes are organised, time framed, structured and fun! Corrine's classes are not just field specific classes but also philosophical and spiritual lessons on life. I encourage anybody seeking spiritual guidance or just a holistic treatment to contact her." - Christina Melody Gentile, Reiki Practitioner, Colour Therapist, Singer, Songwriter & Actor, Montreal Quebec, Canada

".... thank you for giving me the opportunity to add my testimonial.... I'm really pleased. I really mean it, whatever is written down here is the real truth, no joke. U r really great. We admire u..... I have known Corrine through William Angliss Institute (Spa Resort Management Course), she was our HR teacher and I should say one of the best lecturer I have had. She loves what she is doing, has a great sense of humour, cheerful and makes the students adore the subject. She made us work hard too ha-ha, and it is finally paying off. Corrine is gifted. She has a great teaching talent. I can only say THANK YOU Corrine, wish you all the best." - Shakti Sobron, Former Spa Management Student William Angliss Institute and Spa Therapist Hepburn Springs Spa, Mauritius

"Dear Corrine, your teaching is truly inspirational. I came to your Cupping, Gua Sha and Moxibustion courses not knowing really what to expect. I have attended many training sessions over the years in both massage and the fitness industry, and I can honestly say to you that, what you bring to teaching is on another level. Your passion for these subjects made the classes memorable and totally enjoyable. I felt totally at ease from the moment the class started, and your knowledge and ability to pass it on to a student is outstanding. Since completing the courses I have been excited to a new level. I have already commenced using these modalities in my practice with great results and feedback from clients. Thanks so much for your superb teaching, great sense of humour, compassion and generosity. Your guidance helped me feel instantly open to these techniques. I will always remember your classes with gratitude, and our friendship will continue. It was a truly amazing experience for me. I also wanted to comment on the unique nature of each of the three modalities being, cupping, gua sha and moxibustion. There is much misunderstanding in society about the nature of these modalities. Cupping when performed correctly, as you teach, is very safe and effective. Gua Sha is amazing and once again, when done correctly does not injure the patient in any way. But more so, they find it totally relaxing. Moxibustion may scare people initially, and, there is so much misconception around to this effect. Once again when performed correctly after training it is totally safe and extremely beneficial to both patient and practitioner. My clients have loved these modalities and have told their friends and family so. Great for them and great for my business." - Joseph Fittipaldi, Tactile Therapist, Melbourne

"Doing Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Corrine was one of the most soulful experiences I have had. Connecting to my inner self and learning all the knowledge of Reiki with Corrine was fantastic. She has such a loving nature, is honest, full of knowledge and experiences that she willingly shares and she communicates in a clear concise manner. She combines theory and practice so that you gain a very deep and personal understanding of Reiki while preserving the integrity and honour of the healing practice. After sharing my Reiki journey with Corrine, I feel confident to practice as a Reiki practitioner and know that I will have ongoing support from her. Reiki has become a part of my everyday and helps me maintain a balanced state. I feel more centred, grounded and have a clarity that keeps me connected in the present moment. I hope that you get to share a wonderful journey with Corrine. The gift you will receive from the experience will be life-changing."
- Beena Rugnathji, Visual Artist, Art Therapist & Reiki Practitioner, New Zealand

"Ms Corrine Brown always provides a great learning environment for her students. She delivers her knowledge very clearly and yet in a non-hectic way. She is fun to learn from and is attentive to every detail. A very resourceful lady with a personal touch. She enlightened and deepened my knowledge and am glad to have trained under her seminar in Hot Stones Massage, Indian Head Massage, Lomi Lomi and Ear Candling. Being respectful to this Master, my international Beauty Therapy Diploma feels much more meaningful to me when she's the examiner. You never fail to feel calm and focused when you are within the touch of this Reiki Master. She sets a good example and I enjoy her teaching very much. I always look forward to be enlightened further by this Master at heart" - Qi Ying Tay Nancy, Spa Therapist, Singapore

"I had the Balinese Massage training with Corrine Brown and it has absolutely exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you for sharing with me your precious and immense knowledge and experience; and especially thank you for the love and passion that you dedicate in your work as a teacher and therapist." - Francesca Barocci, Spa Therapist, Rome, Italy

"Thank you so much for the time we had together in Melbourne. It was brief but incredibly fulfilling. I am so fortunate to have met you and had you as my Reiki Master Teacher. You have so much knowledge and have deepened my awareness for which I am forever grateful. My time in Australia after our meeting was great and now back in Canada, things are all happening. My self treatment sessions are just now becoming regular, which I am very pleased about. I love listening to the cd from you, as it takes me back to being in your peaceful presence. Thank you so much for letting me into your home and life Corrine. I had a wonderful experience with you and am looking forward to when I will see you for my Reiki 2. But hopefully before then we can meet up when you and your family are here for a white christmas." - Marissa Moore, Reiki Practitioner and Spa Therapist, Kelowna B.C., Canada

"My dearest Corrine, I thank you from the depths of my soul. You will always remain one of my most precious Mentors and inspirational Guides on my life journey. Now that I find myself accredited and teaching Soul Healing through the Direction Technique, I have fulfilled a dream to be able to teach with joy, passion and understanding, as you do! May you be blessed with focussed students and a lifetime of loving your vocation. You give so graciously and I know you are greatly loved and appreciated. With eternal regard Suellen X."" Suellen Edwards, Former Student Diploma of Applied Science/Beauty Therapy and Proprietor, WA

"I recently studied Auricular Thermotherapy (Ear Candling) with Corrine Brown at the Institute of Holistic Therapies. Corrine is a gifted and caring teacher who wants the best from her students. Through the one-to-one training she is able to effectively pass on her high level of skill, and provide first-rate quality instruction in both the theoretical and practical components of the course. After studying with Corrine, I now approach my ear candling treatments as a sacred healing event. I will be back for more, and strongly recommend her training." - Steven Booth, Shiatsu Therapist, Seven Stars Shiatsu, Melbourne

"That was an amazing 4 days learning Hawaiin Hot Stones. Today I am aware just how healing it all was for me. The sore spots I had on my body due to my type of work have mostly gone. When I woke up today and realised just how much better I felt apart from learning something exciting as well and the learning curve we went through. It was not just about the learning but the healing that took place as well. You are a wonderful teacher and an exceptional healer. Thank you so much for the love and the care given to us. I am looking forward to the next time we meet. God has given you a unique blessing." - Diana Starkie-Jardine, State Co-Ordinator International Federation of Aromatherapists, Western Australia

"Corrine's and my paths first crossed when we both were in Dubai where we independently delivered training at an international spa. It was as if I had known this gorgeous lady forever. Observing the students who attended her training sessions I soon realised how eager they were to learn and absorb new techniques and modalities. Corrine's warmth, her joyful, calm and caring manner allowed everybody to be at ease from the start. Quite a few years later I had the pleasure of participating as a student in her Hot Stone Therapy Training Workshop. I admired Corrine's professional approach, her ability to integrate the importance of observing the physical aspects of working with hot stones with the more subtle, energy-related facets of this wonderful therapy. It is a real privilege to know Corrine. May there be many more years of her Light touching people in all corners of the world. " - Christine Platten, Proprietor True Essence, Wellness/Spa Therapy & Skin Care Product Development, Western Australia

"I experienced being a model for Corrine's students and was very impressed with Corrine's style of teaching and her approach to her students. This led me to enrol as a student myself. Corrine teaches on a one to one basis in an informal, relaxed and friendly manner whilst maintaining professionalism, structure and guidance. Corrine blends theory and practical seamlessly and is a thoughtful, caring and supportive teacher. She generously imparts her knowledge and experience with ease. All this is achieved in the warmth and comfort of her home which adds a personal and holistic dimension. I found Corrine to be an excellent teacher with high organisational skills and would highly recommend her. " - Kim Considine, Reflexologist, Melbourne

"The moment I finished looking at Corrine's website, that was the very moment I was encapsulated. I knew that Corrine was the perfect person to train me for Shirodhara. I had read through all the testimonials and qualifications. Within a few emails, I was booking flights and accommodation and I was there. I had the most magical day of training I've ever had. Corrine's magnitude of knowledge and how Corrine's teaching is so caring and calming was inspiring. The one-on-one training is just so empowering and I left the day knowing we will reconnect again. Corrine, your energy touches the hearts and souls of all that meet you and that is a true gift. A gift that is rare and one that I personally will value for all of my days. Thank you for all your wonderful information. You are such a gem!!!! I'm still buzzing from our course !!!" - Paula Campbell, Proprietor, Devonport, Tasmania

"I have recently experienced in Melbourne a one-on-one Shirodhara and Champissage training session with Corrine Brown and what an amazing experience! Lots of theory, lots of practice and lots of fun. Corrine's training methods are exceptional and I have come away feeling much informed and more enriched for this training experience. When I have mastered these modalities I know I will return to Corrine to receive further training in other courses. I highly recommend Corrine and the Institute of Holistic Therapies" - Suzanne Thompson, Intuitive Healer, Adelaide, SA

"My sincere thanks for your expert holistic teaching in Massage Corrine. A wonderful, professional and dedicated teacher." - Melanie Davies, Massage Therapist, United Kingdom

"I am really enjoying the Magnified Healing practise I learnt from Corrine. I highly suggest this system to anyone that is interested in increasing their light levels and spiritual understanding. This system is definitely an ascension preparation! Corrine's careful explanation and guidance through the process left me feeling confident and comfortable in my ability to work with this energy and her openness to on-going communication means her students are not left in the dark after the course is over." - Ision Ensor, Spiritual Healer, Sydney

"Corrine, I would like to express my thanks to you for teaching the wonderful techniques of Magnified Healing, Space Clearing and Colour Healing. Your zest to learn and share; your intuitive and spiritualism are outstanding. Your concept of giving individual coaching is great as you can tailor the course to the learner's needs. That's wonderful and I look forward to doing more short courses with you." - Siok Bee, Advanced Practice Nurse, Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT & Reiki Practitioner, Singapore

"I would just like to thank-you personally Corrine for the awesome day I had experiencing 'Magnified Healing'. The breadth of knowledge & the manner in which the teachings were communicated was amazing. Thank-you for the insights, the stories & for sharing some of the additional teachings you have learnt through your life with me. You are a wonderful teacher & a compassionate person who has a lot to offer the world. Keep up the great work" - Tim Glico, Myotherapist, Healer & Coach, Melbourne

"Thank you Corrine for such an amazing journey so far. I feel so blessed to have found such a warm, intelligent and caring individual to teach me Shirodhara, Ear Candling and both Reiki 1 & 2. Your teaching style is by far the best I have experienced in a very long time and I very much look forward to doing more short courses with you in future" - Lydia Atanasovska, Complementary Therapist, Melbourne

"I completed both my Reiki 1 & 2 with Corrine Brown. I instantly felt a connection with Corrine, and I enjoy her warm and friendly nature, her spiritual insight, her friendship, her humour and her honesty. I found both courses to be relevant and insightful whilst being practical and down to earth. I learnt many techniques which continue to benefit both my life and the lives of those close to me greatly. Completing my Reiki 1 & 2 was a spiritual journey, and I could not have asked for a better teacher to accompany me on the path! Corrine was always realistic and flexible with her teaching, and I have loved being able to continue sharing my journey with Corrine since I finished the courses. Corrine opened both her heart and her home to me. She is such a genuine person, always willing to share her own experiences to help others develop their understandings. I feel blessed to share my Reiki journey with Corrine!" - Caitlin Roberts, Reiki Practitioner, Melbourne

"I honour you as my Reiki Master Teacher. You have a special talent in teaching others to harness the power of Reiki. Thank you so much for attuning me to Reiki and bringing such positive change into my life. You are an inspiring and amazing Reiki Master Teacher,your own energy adds beauty and grace to the healing space which you provide in your Reiki Classes" - Nor Hayat Ahmad, Reiki Practitioner and Therapist, Singapore

"Thank you for 2 wonderful days of training. I found the one-on-one training to be very personal and detailed given within a safe and wonderful environment. You shared your knowledge and experience with enthusiasm which made the learning so much easier. Your belief and encouragement has given me confidence in achieving my ultimate dream. Your offering of further advise and help after completing the course shows the professional that you are and the care that you give. I look forward to experiencing more of your training. Once again Corrine thank you so very much for two unbelievable days" - Susan Rosin, Massage Therapist, Melbourne, Victoria

"Hi Corrine! It was such a great experience working with you for the Mask Therapy and the Nails. I really enjoyed the one-on-one training and how thorough the courses were. Above all I'd have to say how appreciative I am for the thought you put into me having to travel from far away. It was great fun training with you and I am sure you'll see me again! :-)" - Hannah Fuhrmeister, Metung, Country Victoria

"Distance and space does not permit citing all who have shared their knowledge and skills with me during my quest for higher learning, but there are those whose contributions deserves special mention. Here in particular I must express my utmost gratitude to Corrine Brown for her dedication and commitment despite the short course of Reiki she taught. She was ever so willing to share her experiences and never failed to provide an answer to whatever doubts and questions I had at any time on my own Reiki experiences even after my course with her had ended. I am now glad that my decision to learn Reiki with her was a most beneficial one. Once again my deep appreciation to a true Reiki Master Teacher without whom my level of higher learning would not have taken place thus enhancing my work in palliative care" - Sallyann Wong, State Registered Nurse, Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom

"Corrine Brown is a true professional in all aspects. My Reiki Master Teacher from Reiki 1 through to Master Teacher level, she grasps the attention of her students by her own various life examples and prepares them well in their path on the Reiki journey. Offering the perfect ambience with her precise tuition helped me easily understand her teachings. I have witnessed how she handles "difficult" situations with patience, perseverance and a flexible healthy attitude, which makes her a perfect mentor and tutor in this field" - LC Hoe, Reiki Master Teacher, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Thank you for your wonderful Stone training. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has thrown a different light on massage for me. The stones are rather fascinating to me and I cannot wait to get my own set and becoming acquainted with them. I am very grateful to you for kindly giving me the opportunity to experience different sets as well as different heating appliances. Corrine, your enthusiasm, willingness to impart your knowledge and acceptance of our individualism was indeed a pleasure to be a participant in the 4 days training." - Shirley Clayton, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Perth, WA

"Corrine you are my inspiration, you are the most wonderful, and the most amazing lady on the planet" - Anne Swan, Beauty Therapy Tutor, Perth, Western Australia

"I have been under the instruction of Corrine for the Diploma of Applied Science and have found her respect and enthusiasm for the industry inspiring. Corrine's tutelage is precise, informative and often entertaining. I regard her as a highly qualified, well refined and extremely organised lecturer. In my esteem Corrine represents the qualities of all good lecturers...due to her positive and sensitive approach to the industry, Corrine is able to motivate her students to their maximum potential. Corrine inspires confidence and has the real ability to extract consistently high performances from her students. I am proud to say that Corrine Brown has been the foundation of my national and international qualifications" - Michelle Barry, Former Student Diploma of Applied Science/Beauty Therapy, Perth, WA

"Corrine Brown demonstrates a high level of competence and skill in her way of teaching. Corrine maintains professional behaviour at all times therefore gains a high level of respect from her students and colleagues" - Phan Trieu, Former Beauty Therapy Student and Registered Nurse, Victoria

"I have experienced the teachings of Corrine Brown and can assure you, it is of the highest standard" - Jodie Bright, Holistic Therapist & Trainer, Western Australia

"I have known Corrine for the past seven years in both a professional and personal capacity. Her enthusiasm for any subject she teaches is evident in her student's ability to reach their full potential. She delivers her knowledge with warmth and friendliness, inspiring those around her." - Anne-Marie Cahill, New Zealand - ITEC Examiner

"She was able to read situations appropriately and appeared to have a very sound working relationship with her students. I have found Corrine to be exemplary in her efficiency and commitment to her profession, and to those under her supervision. Her own life experiences have deepened her ability to treat her students, clients and fellow staff with compassion" - Jane McNabb, Senior Occupational Therapist, Princess Margaret Hospital, Western Australia

"Mrs Brown has demonstrated herself to be very flexible with her training, despite the language barrier and culture differences. She has a very approachable attitude that makes her personality irresistible. She caters to every individual need when the occasion arises and handles every situation in her stride, even if a student has learning problems. Nothing is too difficult for her. It is a pleasure dealing with Mrs Brown" - Sindy Chan, School Principal, Monita Goup, Hong Kong

"Since we contracted Corrine Brown to train our therapists at Keturah Spa in Perth Western Australia, in advanced spa techniques such as Lomi Lomi, Stone Therapy, Shirodhara, Indian Head Massage etc, our business and profit has grown. The Stone Therapy in particular has been spectacular in its popularity with clients. Within weeks we were needing to purchase more sets of volcanic stones to meet demand. The demand has continued unabated and we will often be performing 6 or more Stone Treatments at the same time. Corrine provides a detailed structure for her courses and always gives excellent marketing advice to complement the technical training" -
Dr Danny Hoffman, Proprietor, Keturah Day Spa, Western Australia

"Corrine has trained much of the Six Senses Spa team in Hot Stones Massage, Indian Head Massage, Lomi and Hopi Ear Candling. Besides being very informative with provision of up-to-date information, history of treatments and theoretical back-up, the training was always great fun. Corrine always provided a great learning environment with her original teaching methods which included games and a lot of interaction. Our therapists always commented how much they enjoyed the training and that Corrine's methods made it easy to learn - Sughra Bibi, Corporate Training Manager, Six Senses Spas

"You recall our conversation where we spoke about the guest SPA trainer. You can rest assured that Corrine Brown comes with very good recommendations and her experience and qualifications are amongst the best in Asia. Ms Brown has trained people throughout the world and takes a more holistic approach to her teaching. This would give a dimension to your Spas that are not yet adopted by any of the spas in Vietnam. I am sure that your Academy will benefit from this association" - Julian Bugledich, Director of Operations & Development, Swiss-Belhotel Intl, Hong Kong